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Amethyst AUV Devlog | May 9-19 | Radio connection with AUV and controller

The next step for our AUV is reliable radio communication with base on shore. We all know that radio waves penetrating water with difficulty, but we need that feature even just for control the AUV on surface for taxiing and getting back basic telemetry data every time the AUV surface and do correction to its internal navigation system.

As a first: Recap of April 19 devlopment and testing:

1. Amethyst's basic sail and dive ability was proven
2. Sealing techniques used in design was proven as reliable, with some improvement ideas arised
3. Motors used with Amethyst AUV can be used in sea water and its adjustments like warnishing the wirings or lubricating pulleys before dive prevent metal parts corrode
4. PLA filament cant be used to print AUV and can be used in sea water with success. Test of long time exposure of water on non coated PLA should be continued.
5. Radio controll with NRF-24 radio module is not suficient was find out. Connection was weak after few meters on open sea. Should be replaced.
6. Further research on boyancy of the craft should be done as must.


What is in development for now


1. New radio module was incorporated in to AUV design

433 MHz HC-12 radio mudule was picked to do the work for our AUV. It can theoreticaly communicate on distances between 600 - 1000m in open space. It has serial communication and ability to incorporate external waterproof antena.


2. Hardware controller for taxiing of AUV is developing

Electronic and software is done. CADing of enclosure is in final stage. Main reason for this is to have complete reliable starting point for every maker wishing to operate it's AUV. This way when anyone build the u-drone, will get at least radio controlable working craft which can be upgraded with further add ons as development continue.


3. Sofware update with new HC-12 radio module

Arduino wiring sketch was updated with HC-12 radio and working well. Softwere incorporating craft's ID identification to have ability to control more than one craft at once and prevent interferences with alien radio waves on same frequency as well.


4. Revision of CAD files befor publishing

All files are revised now for initial commit. They will be published no later than before end of May 2019.


5. Documentaion and component list

How to assemble printed parts in to complete Amethyst AUV will everyone find in new documentation section on this page. Doc will be available when files become published. Components list is being build intensive as well. All that will be available before end of May 2019.


Thank you for support and whatever possible thougts and ideas. You can reach for me any time soon via anty()