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Dry compartment mounts are here.

I am happy to write that 3D parts for inside electronic mounting are ready and available for download. As usual, documentation is bit pain because lack of time, but anyway, I am steady moving forward. Field testing season of Amethyst started again despite limitations of quarantine. Basic electronic setup with software is really close to initial release. This time it will finally happen. ;)

There are two Arduino MEGAs PRO, One Raspberry Pi ZERO and some basic shields and power modules in current beta quite stable setup. Its fully working with software, sensors, ESCs and servos. Stability is still main task of the day.

Amethyst AUV Inside mountings


In this days I am experimenting with bit different setup as follows: One Raspberry Pi ZERO and up to 4 Arduinos Pro Minis. It should bring advantage of modularity and simplicity of scripts when each Pro Mini does just limited range of tasks such as one does just radio transmissions, another just GPS positioning, other motor/servo control, another just taking care of sensors. This way AUV can easily switch off unused modules like radio and GPS from power when submerged. Chage components or experimenting with new ones should be easier as well. Another advantage is price. One MEGA PRO is cost around 8 EUR. One Pro Mini cost 1 and something EUR (AliExpress prices). Pro minis are wide spread and familiar to most of us, so this should contribute to simplicity and accessibility of the AUV platform. Work is underway and results are quite good so far.

Here comes the batteries holder. This section still need some additional parts to buy. Wires of course and battery contact plates. Fortunately they are easy findable on AliExpress.

Amethyst AUV Batteries holder

Amethyst AUV Batteries holder


Documentation of all this new parts are typed from day to day, hopefully this part will be documented until end of April.

Enjoy the dive and feel free email me with tips or questions.



Short flick from testing which is going on in this days: