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Batteries moved to dry compartment which is now longer and better

29.12.2019 | Another major change in design targeting better buoyancy compensating and give more room for electronics.

New files of Amethyst AUV Platform Version 2.1 are now in dowload section. Main change - battery packs are removed and battery cells should be placed in to dry compartment. Acrylic tube is larger from previous 200x90 to new 290x90 mm. Larger tube, with batteries situated on the front better compensating buoyancy and we got more room for controllers as well. It means also less printing, less o-rings, less care about watertightness, less connectors used and better power distribution inside the tube. 

Craft printed with PET filament, configurated as MINI AUV is naturally afloat and buoyancy should be tuned up with additional lead weights situated along the X axis on the bottom. This is best possible case. Craft is more stable on the Z axis then. In standard configuration PET filament AUV is still bit heavy and sinking, so small floats from polystyrene (really small) placed inside the bow and stern sections helping solve this. Standart AUV configuration printed from PLA does not need floats. Other filaments not tested yet.

Those changes affecting just two parts from center section and two parts of dry compartment section. New anthene mount should be designed soon as well.

Enjoy the dive!