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U-drone is here! Beta release of open source, 3D printed Amethyst AUV Platform.

After almost year of constant learning, development, mistakes, corrections, testing and great enjoyment from creating, finally, files of first ever 3D printed open source AUV frame are here to be available to everyone who want to step up into field of marine engeneering, robotics and underwater exploration.

Design is split into 4 main ZIP packages for maximum possible clarity of further updates. The packages are Main hull of the AUV, battery pack, dry compartment and tools. I have ready batch of other files related to Amethyst AUV design - mainly sensor mounts, antennas... those will be added in days gradually. They should be just revised, packed and then will be published too.

Files are in STL format. If anyone need other format, let me know, I will look what is possible.

The files are in BETA and initial release is under CC-NC-SA 4.0 license. Because I believe in free society, there is plan to possibly change license to full free - completely unrestricted use with next solid release, but this BETA inits are cared like this for now. Anyone can still use design FREE for whatever want - modify, remix, share, contribute and so on. Change of license will be announced if it come to that.

To download files, please log into site here or via main menu´s link.

Documentation which help with assembly can be follow here.

Components list can be find here.

Any comments, ideas, improvement suggestions, bug reports are welcome. 

I really hope you will find the design useful, that you gonna enjoy the build and hopefully create the new, full working autonomous underwater vehicle of your own. 

Enjoy your build!