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Major update of the hull. Amethyst lost weight with HONEX. And new system of dry compartment sealing.

13. 11. 2019 | We got major update of almost all parts in the Amethyst AUV concept. Overall weight were reduced significantly and insufficient rudder issue is fixed.

Introducing HONEX

Honex is basic honey comb pattern which is now used for resolve two issues at once. 1. It reducing weight of the AUV parts, specially those printed from PETG filament while structure has same toughness as parts with standard thickness. 2. Honeycomb replaces the infill significantly. This approach will save more of the filament. Great plus is that while there are no air gaps inside, part can´t absorb water into them. And yes, name HONEX is just internal fun nickname I gave to this technique.

Amethyst AUV Honex

Greater thrust

Axis thruster section were remodeled. Weight of the section were reduced. Diameter of the duct were increased and this allow to bring bigger propeller to get greater thrust. Honex were applied as well. 

Amethyst AUV Thruster V2.0

New type of stern section

I love V1.0 type stern section with its classy look pump jet ring and kind of edgy shape but I want get more performance from AUV as well. So I made new V2.0 version of this important section, which reflecting that. Performance was increased with new, much bigger propeller and brand new system of rudders. Weight were reduced with Honex as well. Good thing is, that version 1 and 2 sterns can be combined between each other. So you can have new light body of V2.0 combined with classy look V1.0 pump jet ring and so on. Old V1.0 stern is remaining and will be upgraded with Honex soon.

Amethyst AUV Sterns

Towers and external sensors

Towers and external mounts for sensors were added. Now there is radio antenna tower available, depth sensor mounting available, flow sensor mounting available and new version of GPS tower is here as well. GPS tower is now done to be demountable any time you want replace sensor antenna off the mount. No glue, no tricky assembly.

Amethyst AUV Sensors

New sealing of dry compartment

This new system is more reliable and more space savvy. Now more electronic can be stuffed in to the tube. Close / open routine is easier. O-rings are reduced from 4 to 2 pieces per tube. Small downside of this system is need for precise fix - glue the tube together with flanges.

Amethyst AUV Flange

Enjoy the dive!